Ditton Services specialises in the treatment of Japanese Knotweed by Stem Injection


If you suspect you have Japanese Knotweed then don't worry, we will help you identify if it is or isn't the troublesome invasive weed.

Site Visits

We will come to your site, property or land to assess the scale of the problem. Visits across the Midlands are usually free but there may be small charges further afield.

Management Plans

We will produce a management plan that covers a minimum of 3 years, this will outline the initial treatment course and follow up visits.

Stem Injection

Ditton Services treats Japanese Knotweed by Injecting each stem in order to kill the plant. This is an extremely effective and environmentally sympathetic method. 

Free Quotation

Ditton Services will give you a free quotation following a site visit for the full costs of Stem Injection.

Call Today

Call Ditton Services on 01746 712 183 and we can assist you with your Japanese Knotweed.