Japanese Knotweed is a problem for many home and land owners...​


...especially those planning to sell their properties. Spring is the time to be tackling Japanese Knotweed by Stem Injection - so act now! Call 01746 712183 and speak to Ditton Services to arrange a visit and quotation.

Japanese knotweed will grow absolutely anywhere, as on very poor soil as it is in good soil. It is so dense and strong it obliterates anything it tries to grow beneath it, and it is strong enough to damage asphalt and even concrete, which means it can significantly reduce the value of land and property.

It is very important to identify Japanese Knotweed and set up a treatment plan.


What is Japanese knotweed? Japanese Knotweed was brought to Britain in the mid-nineteenth century as an ornamental garden plant. It can grow more than a metre a month, pushing through tarmac, concrete and drains. It out-competes indigenous species having a devastating effect on native species, it covers large tracts of land to the exclusion of the native flora and associated fauna.